I was invited to give a presentation for the Texas A&M Law Review’s Inaugural Intellectual Property Symposium on Friday, October 25. As readers will surmise from the title, my presentation, Cariou v. Prince: Judicial Voguing and the Sanctioning of Dilettantism, will focus on how the Second Circuit Court of Appeals misread and misapplied copyright’s fair use doctrine and, by doing so, created an infantilized notion of art and culture that imperils not only the foundation of copyright law in this country but more perniciously reaffirms the simplistic and condescending definition of the artist as that of a romantic and inarticulate savant.

I had a great time sharing ideas and questions with a great lineup of legal scholars and practitioners. Not to mention that I made new friends, many of whom I will see at the 2014 AALS Conference. A huge thanks to my good friend and art law professor, Megan Carpenter, for the invite. You all rock!

Here is a link to the symposium’s agenda.

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